Custom home builders in the Tetons

Our Services

We’re a small design-build firm on a mission to build the best homes in Teton Valley.  We offer both design and construction services because we have found the best projects result from collaborations between owners, designers and builders who share goals and values and are fully engaged in the process from conception to completion.  We strive to connect with people who want to build their dream home in Teton Valley and understand that high quality homes require large amounts of energy to build and operate. We know how to minimize their "embodied energy" and build them to sequester carbon and produce more energy than they consume for the life of the building.

At Cloud 9 we start every design journey by asking questions to understand our clients’ dreams and their relationship to the place they plan to live. We pair careful listening of their answers with our knowledge of the mountain environment and resource efficient construction methods to deliver designs that are timelessly beautiful, climate appropriate and built to last for centuries. We see thoughtful home design as an essential component to a better climate future.

Over the years we’ve acquired tools and skills that set us apart from other builders and provide benefits that make our homes special. We are proponents of the Passive House building standard and building net-zero energy homes. In an effort to radically improve the homes in the Teton region, we offer energy modelling, blower door tests and thermal imaging to both our clients and other designers & builders. Please contact us to learn more about building healthy, high-performance homes.

What we build.... We have a long history of building timber frame homes with Structural Insulated Panel (SIPS) wall and roof panels. These homes are beautiful and durable and we will continue to build them. We are also proponents of other building systems that allow us to build more modern designs and achieve Passive House and net-zero energy performance standards. How we build it... We have a team of talented carpenters who deliver all of our framing and finish woodworking in-house. This gives us the most control over the quality and schedule of our projects. We manage a team of subcontractors who perform all the other scopes of work from foundations through interior finishes and landscaping.

Cloud 9 carpenters looking over plans

Our Process

Alignment & Discovery
Schematic Design
Preliminary Construction Estimate
Design Development
Prepare Construction Documents
Final Construction Estimate
Construction Adminstration

Features and Benefits of a Cloud 9 Home

  • Surround yourself with beauty & comfort
  • Live in a home that embodies your ecological values
  • Enjoy healthy indoor air year round
  • Minimize operating and maintenance costs
  • Minimize embodied energy
  • Great design
  • Passive solar orientation if site appropriate
  • Energy modeling
  • Super-insulated and air-tight building envelope
  • Heat recovery ventilation
  • Heat pump for heating, cooling and hot water
  • Enough photo-voltaic panels to achieve net-zero energy annually
  • Utilize plant based and carbon-sequestering materials
  • HVAC commissioning post-construction to ensure performance
  • Excellent owners manual
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